Software for high quality data transcription

DETA, data entry & transcription application

High quality software for transcription of digitized herbarium specimens 

Fast high quality of transcribing

DETA is build for easy, fast and fully controlled transcription of information of: Forms, Herbarium Sheets and Entomology Collections. Due to DETA milions of Herbarium Sheets can be transcribed efficiently, in constant quality and low costs. With the DETA application organisations can work simultaneously by 1 – 200 persons or more, in different geographical locations, by different organisations or departments.

SaaS Application

Extremely light in usuage of computer resources and user friendly.
Built in angular = browser based input.

High speeds transcribing

60 sheets per hour with excellent results!
Resulting in high quality input >99% correct

Perfect quality control

Per person the quality can be monitored.
Utilizing existing look-up tables. Output in all types of modern formats: CSV, XLS, DBA.

Low costs, easy to use

More than 3.000.000 forms entried in DETA.
DETA Projects: Plantentuin Meise I Belgium, The Smithsonian Institute, Naturalis The Netherlands and more.


Workflow with multi-level step quality control


Projects and experience

Naturalis The Netherlands

Oslo Trondheim

Australia Sydney

An American Institute

Other DETA Projects​

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